Vegetable Fiber material is highly conformable to compensate for distortion in flanges, making it an excellent general purpose gasket material that is strong, flexible, has oil proof properties, and excellent sealing ability.

Color: Natural / Tan

Specification Compliance:
ASTM F104-92 & SAE 90 F326128E21M6
ASTM-D-1170-62T & SAE 90 P3313B
ASTM-104 & SAE 90 F326117M6
MIL-G-12803a P3313B
MIL-G-12803b F326128M6
MIL-G-12803c F326128M6
HHP96G Type 1
Other specifications also apply
Maximum Recommended Service Temperature 250°F

Compressibility at 1000 psi: 23%-40%
Recovery: 40%
Tensile Strength: 2750 psi min.