We are stocking distributors for Thermoseal, a leading manufacturer of non-asbestos materials. We also offer Top-Chem and Milam laminate for exhaust manifolds, Turbines, and air heat exchanger applications.

Advanced gasket offers a diverse range of  materials for all your sealing requirements. Whether its general service gaskets or more demanding applications such a chemical resistance, high temperatures, or stress, you can count on AGS to supply a superior product at a competitive price.

Thermoseal “Original Green Sheet C-4401”

Call Advanced Gasket for the “Original Green Sheet C-4401”, one of the most well know and trusted non-asbestos materials in the sealing industry today.

KLINGERSIL® C-4401 (The Original Green Sheet)

  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Nitrile Binder
  • Excellent Sealability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Good Creep Relaxation
  • General Purpose Sheet
Typical values refer to 1/16″ material  unless otherwise specified.
Creep Relaxation   ASTM F38B (1/32″)  20%
Sealability  ASTM F37A (1/32″) <0.25 ml/hr
Gas Permeability  DIN 3535/6 <0.5 ml/min
Compressibility  ASTM F36J 7%
Recovery  ASTM F36J 50% minimum
Klinger Hot Compression Test  
Thickness Decrease 73°F (23°C) 10.5% initial
Thickness Decrease 572°F (300°C) 17% additional
Weight Increase    
ASTM F146 after immersion in Fuel B 10% maximum
5h/73°F (23°C)    
Thickness Increase    
ASTM F146 after immersion in    
ASTM Oil 1, 5h/300°F (149°C)   0-5%
ASTM Oil IRM903, 5h/300°F (149°C) 0-5%
ASTM Fuel A, 5h/73°F (23°C)   0-5%
ASTM Fuel B, 5h/73°F (23°C)   0-7%
Dielectric Strength    
ASTM D149-95a   14 kV/mm
ASTM F104 Line Call Out   F712121B3E12K6M5
Leachable Chloride Content    
FSA Method (Typical)   100 ppm
Density   112 lb/ft3 (1.8 g/cc)
Color (Top/Bottom)   Green



  • Fiberglass and Aramid Fibers
  • Nitrile Binder
  • Excellent Steam Sheet
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Good Creep Relaxation
  • General Purpose Sheet


  • Recycled Fiberglass and Aramid Blend
  • Nitrile Binder
  • Low Pressure Steam, Water, and Gases
  • Good for Oils and Fuels


  • Carbon Fiber
  • Nitrile Binder
  • High Temperature
  • High Internal Pressure
  • Good Steam Sheet
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Chemical Applications


  • Fiberglass, Aramid, and Inorganic Fibers
  • Nitrile Binder
  • Ultimate Steam Sheet
  • Outstanding Load Bearing
  • Excellent Creep Relaxation
  • Best General Purpose Sheet

See graphs for temperature and pressure limits


  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Neoprene Binder
  • Chemically Stable
  • Good Anti-Stick Properties


A high quality, Nitrile bound non-asbestos gasket material composed of fibers with high chemical stability and heat resistance. Outstanding creep resistance at elevated temperatures and high loads provides maximum safety. KLINGERSIL® C-4400 has very good torque retention and excellent sealing characteristics.